Welcome to my blog, a place to discuss photography in general, my love of film and digital. There will be the inevitable leaning towards rangefinders, Leica and associated equipment.

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A space of my own

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A space of my own More than 8 weeks have passed since my last post, I may have been absent but I’ve certainly not been idle!!!! For a long time something has been bothering me, almost to the point of distraction and certainly to a degree that it was actually putting me off shooting. I needed a space of my own,…

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Guest Post – Nasir Hamid

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Film Photography – Guest Post – Nasir Hamid I absolutley love fim photography and fortunatley there does seem to be a growing interest in this area. Today I’m absolutely delighted to be able to feature a selection of film photography from the very talented Nasir Hamid. I had the good fortune and pleasure of meeting Nasir, albeit briefly on my…

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Guest Post – Paolo Barzman

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It seems my inspiration mojo deserted me over the past few weeks, a side effect of my limited mobility….. therefore a little later than intended I present my second guest feature. I’m delighted to be able to present the photographic work of the extremely talented Paolo Barzman, a true visual artist in every sense. There’s a surrealist quality to many…

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The internet is awash with quality content and inspiration, much of it free! I’ve listed below some of the Blogs I follow on a regualar basis, please take the time to check them out if you aren’t already familiar with them.