ADOX 300


Vital Statistics

  • Film Type: 35mm (135)
  • Lens: Fixed – 45mm Schneider – Kreuznach Xenar f/2.8
  • Focal Range: 3.5ft  – Infinity
  • Shutter Speeds: 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2. 1 sec  & “Manual” B.
  • ASA: Reminder Dial located on the rear of the Interchangeable Magazine Back. I keep a spreadsheet of what film is loaded in each camera at any given time, tedious but worthwhile!!!
  • Viewfinder: Optical Direct Vision Finder, this shows the subject at aprox 70% actual size.
  • Exposure Control: Built in Photoelectric BIWI Automat Exposure meter.
  • Weight: A little over 800g!!
  • Other: Compur Rapid Shutter, Hotshoe, Delay Timer & Double Exposure Prevention Lock


To be honest the ADOX 300 was not a camera I had ever heard of! I came across it quite unexpectedly when it was offered to me by a dealer I know, I did a little research, mainly because there is very little online about this particular camera and purchased it for NZ$255.00, which I believe is a little under what one would normally pay for this camera in Mint condition. Indeed looking on ebay at the time of writing there are several “Magazine Backs” going for between US$160-$200, without the body. The ADOX 300 camera was manufactured in Germany between 1956  & 1962 approximately, I was amazed to see that the ADOX company still exists in some form today, although they no longer manufacture cameras. This camera has the build quality of a Leica, the Magazine Backs were actually made by Leitz for a period, although mine is a slightly later version made by ADOX
ADOX 300 Rear with ASA/Film Type window visible
The ASA/DIN dial has a range of 5-400 ASA and the equivalent DIN values from 8-27. Additionally the Film Type dial has 7 settings. The presence of the “Made in Germany” text on the edge of the base plate as opposed to inside the hotshoe denotes my ADOX 300 as one of the later versions.
ADOX 300 – 45mm Schneider – Kreuznach Xenar f/2.8
A significant design feature of the ADOX 300 is the position of the film winding lever, it has been cleverly positioned on the front left of the lens, this enables the user to advance the film & simultaneously cock the shutter without the need to remove one’s eye from the viewfinder. The Aperture & Shutter speed controls are interlinked effectively keeping the exposure the same. The BEWI light meter will give you all the available Aperture/Shutter speed combinations available to you within the capability of the lens & shutter.
ADOX 300 with Interchangeable Magazine Back removed.
Another significant design feature of the ADOX 300 is the interchangeable magazine back, allowing the photographer to change easily from one film type to another. There are only a handful of 35mm cameras that can boast this feature I read somewhere this was the first, I’m not sure of that, I would certainly bet this is the most impressively engineered though.

Common Issues

I’m not currently aware of anything, as I have only had this camera for a relatively short period of time I will update this if anything becomes apparent.

More Info

There is a more thorough technical description of the camera here.

The Last Word

Whats good:
Well, it’s an attractive camera thats for sure.
This camera has the build quality of a Leica in parts.
I really like the operation and convenience of the integral BEWI light meter.
Whats not so good:
Its weight is possibly a slight drawback.
The biggest negative for me is the lack of rangefinder focusing, I understand the ADOX 500 has a rangefinder and removable lenses, I’m on the lookout for one!
In many ways this was a one of those little surprises that comes along when you don’t expect it, its not a perfect camera but I’m so pleased to have one in such great condition. I will certainly add more detail to this as I continue to use the camera.
Sample Images – China Lucky Film ISO 100
I’ve put a roll of this through the camera but been a bit lazy and not developed it yet. I will add shortly.