Two rolls in Oahu.

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Two Rolls in Oahu.



Hawaii has always been on our “to do list” and living in New Zealand it’s actually not too far away by our standards (roughly nine hours). Yes, when you live in NZ you consider this to be a relatively close destination!!

So, a few months ago my family and I were fortunate enough to spend some time in Oahu. 

Of course, we did all the tourist things, Pearl Harbour, North Shore, Waikiki Beach etc and had a great family holiday but if I’m totally honest I was a little underwhelmed by the place itself and with hindsight I personally would probably have enjoyed one of the less developed islands more, live and learn as they say.

A Quick Note about Gear

I’ve really managed to minimise the amount of gear I travel with these days and on this trip I had just my Leica MP and 50mm Summilux f/1.4 Asph plus a couple of rolls of film. In actual fact I should have titled this post “one and a half rolls in Oahu” because the reality was that one was already half shot. 

So, one film camera, a single lens and around 50 exposures consisting of a half used roll of Ektar 100 and fresh roll of Portra 400, not much to go at. 

Developing & Scanning.

  • Digibase C41 Kit – not the pre-mixed one I’d been using previously, this is the kit you have to mix yourself, same end result just a touch cheaper and only slightly more time consuming.
  • JOBO CPP2 – If I were a more prolific shooter this thing would be saving me a small fortune at NZ developing prices.
  • Imacon 848 – Still no settled workflow……..these are .TIF’s scanned at 3200ppi using the Hasselblad Flexcolor software.
  • Lightroom CC – Easiest way to edit any image regardless of source.

I’ve kept the family images private so that’s eliminated quite a few shots, so this post consists of the remaining shots from those rolls.

Two rolls in Oahu 3

The walk along Waikiki Beach towards Diamond Head is pretty good around sunrise, plenty of stuff going on and beautiful light. Whilst I only did this once I did manage to get a few shots I liked on that particular morning.

Two rolls in Oahu 4

Two rolls in Oahu 5

Two rolls in Oahu 6

Two rolls in Oahu 7

Two rolls in Oahu 2a

Two rolls in Oahu 18

Two rolls in Oahu 16a

The two images below were taken around Northshore on an overcast day, not the best light but there’s just something about them that I find pleasing.

Two rolls in Oahu 8a

two rolls in Oahu 9a

Hanauma Bay State Park (Below) – This really is a spot of outstanding natural beauty,  it also has a rich history, you can read more – HERE.

The park is well managed and visitor numbers are limited daily, that said it was for me, just one more place that’s tainted by tourist activity. I realise that’s a bit rich when your a tourist yourself but I’ve grown to resent these tourist hotspots, however beautiful, sigh.

Two rolls in Oahu 17a

Two rolls in Oahu 15

In Waikiki I just happened to stumble upon this mini photoshoot. I established quite quickly that it was some sort of Modelmayhem arrangement so I thought I’d quickly document the moment and in turn exchanged a few words with the photographer. This lead to me momentarily becoming his assistant and holding the light diffuser for him, the sacrifices you make for your art…..  

Two rolls in Oahu 10a

Two rolls in Oahu 11a

When opportunity knocks your really need to grab it with both hands, that’s not a euphemism… So, I managed to grab a couple of shots for myself and posterity! I’d say the first shot below and the image of the two asian guy’s are probably my favourites of the bunch.

Two rolls in Oahu 12

Two rolls in Oahu 13a

That’s it for Oahu, if anyone has any experience of the other islands I’d really love to hear about them, I still don’t feel like I had the true Hawaiian experience. 

As ever thanks for taking time to read this.

Cheers, Jason.


  • John Lockwood says:

    Nicely done. Yes, Asian Guys and the Sunrise Pier are my favorites.

  • Darrin says:

    Nice work Jason. Great to see that you still get out and about. I’m off to do a printing workshop over in Santa Fe. Cheers Darrin

  • Hilmar says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’m really glad you are back posting on your blog. I missed your essays a lot and was wondering what was going on with you. Really hope you are well!

    As I visited Hawaii last year, reading your blog entry appealed a lot to me. As the trip from Germany to Hawaii is massive, we stayed there for 4 weeks and visited 4 islands – Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island and Maui. We flew into Honolulu first and stayed a few days there. Oahu didn’t fascinate me either and I got doubts that I might not get the Hawaii feeling everybody else had. I found Oahu way too “touristy”, crowded and not special in any kind. That’s why I can totally understand the way you feel now. In my view Oahu is not Hawaii so you should definitely give it a second chance by visiting the other islands.

    I really liked Kauai. It’s a very green island accomodating the wettest spot on earth. Like me many Europeans seem to prefer that island, whereas the Japanese are said to visit mainly Oahu. The Big Island and Maui with the overwhelming Haleakala crater are also very interesting to visit and I would without doubt go there again.

    The photos you are showing are very well composed and have nice looks to them. You are having a great eye to capture the mood. From the photos I couldn’t tell you weren’t too impressed by Oahu.

    Maybe you are interested in watching some of my photos I took with my M9 during the Hawaii trip (please note that the first few photos were taken in San Francisco):



    • janrzm says:

      Hi Hilmar,

      Thanks, it’s been too long but I can assure you I am very well 🙂 In fact never better as you’ll see from my next post.

      You’ve summed up Honolulu, it’s just way too “touristy”, interestingly we did toy with the idea of taking the short flight to Kauai but felt it would too rushed on this trip so maybe next time.

      I’ve taken some time to look at your album, excellent photos and I enjoyed it very much. You should be very proud of those.

      All the best, Jason.

  • Hilmar says:

    Let me add that I have so many photos taken on Hawaii sitting on my hard disk that they are still not processed. This is a shame.

  • Hilmar says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’m happy you are well.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond and look at my photos.

    I’m really looking forward to your next post. Your posts are always very inspiring, thoughtful and full of humor. I would love to hear more about your projects and the gear you are currently using. Film is always nice to see.


  • Hi Jason

    Good to see you are back! I read the Dodge post just before this and know that feeling when lack of motivation kicks in. You were quite prolific earlier on and perhaps may have just needed a break!

    I’m envious of the Dodge…! Living in Melbourne though it’s not really the right sort ride for me…:-( . Hawaii looked great and right now you are probably freezing your a$# off in NZ! I’m looking forward to that next post now. I get the sense you may have been somewhere or done something and we’ll get the see how you saw it! If that makes sense 🙂 .

    Like you the GAS as been cured for the moment though film is growing a bit tedious after 2 years. I’m keeping an eye out for what might come about from Photokina and wouldn’t rule out the Hassleblad just announced, though we’ll see what else pops up.



    • janrzm says:

      Hey mate,

      Thanks, it’s good to finally get something posted again!! You know what it’s like, you want to be out with the camera, can’t find the time, you have the time, can’t find the motivation….

      Yes, the Dodge needs a bit of room to manoeuvre, I liken cornering in it to steering the Bayliner 205 we had!! It’s great fun though and once Rugby season is over I’ll hit the road in it.

      Yes GAS is no longer an issue, although I remain unable to sell anything. I could still be tempted by the right camera though, should it materialise.

      All the best, Jason.

  • Tim says:

    Glad to hear from you and see you well.
    Excellent and amazing photos as ever!

    Keep well!

  • Ron says:

    Wonderful romantic shots ! Especially of the girl !

    (“Dainty little moonbeams, delicate as china
    Gentle little oriental dolls…”)

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