Youxin Ye – Leica CLA

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Youxin Ye – Leica CLA

I’ve just returned from the best part of a week travelling around New Zealand’s far north! To buy myself a little time to process the film I shot and to get to grips with my new scanner (IMACON 848) I figured I’d share one of my recent experiences of getting a rangefinder serviced.

You may recall this beauty of a M3 from a few months ago, it was in wonderful overall condition but I decided that as it had clearly seen so little use it may just be prudent to get it CLA”d before I start using it.

My local option for this kind of work has called it a day in recent months so I decided I’d give one of the more well known Leica repairmen a try.

Youxin Ye, has a great reputation, he’s been servicing and repairing mechanical Leica rangefinders for over a decade and this would be my first experience using his services.

Firstly I checked out his website – HERE. Whilst not an elaborate site, it did contain all the information I was looking for. Confirmation of services offered, prices for those services and an indication on timescales. At this point I decided it would be a good idea to send the 50mm Collapsible Summicron, the focus was a touch stiff and given the cost of shipping it just made sense to do them together.

I fired across an email highlighting the services I was looking for, in less than 30 mins I had a response. Great start.

Around I week later I pulled my finger out and got around to shipping the camera and lens to Youxin Ye, if I’m honest, at this point I crossed my fingers, my experiences of camera repairs are typically that you will wait and wait, then wait a bit more…..

I needn’t have worried, I got a mail from Youxin Ye around 18 days later to confirm the repairs were complete, well inside the 3-4 week timescales he states on his website. I received details of the works carried out, some additional feedback on the condition and quality of the items I’d sent. Confirmation of what I suspected in that the camera and lens had seen little use and were in nice shape.

Prices were in line with those quoted on the website,

    M3 CLA – $180
    50 Summicron CLA – $80
    Options for return shipping – Priority $48 or Express $66 both with Tracking.

For some reason I opted for the Priority Shipping and it took around 10 days, usualy mail for the US arrives here a bit quicker than that. Next time I’ll try the Express option.

The camera and lens duely arrived, the works undertaken are fantastic, the camera and lens feel and operate like new.

The whole experience was painless, communication was great, the work is top notch and I couldn’t be happier. I can now use the camera with confidence! 

I wouldn’t normally post about this kind of thing, it’s refreshing to get great service though and I wanted to go on record and thank Youxin Ye for his work.

Cheers, Jason.

Youxin Ye - Leica-M3-Kit

You can contact Youxin Ye through his website –



  • Anjolie says:

    I’ve used his services many times before for my M3 (major work), both of my Leica Barnack IIIfs and various Leica lenses. His repairs are top notch and he’s very honest about what needs to be done and communicates them precisely. I’m glad that someone else has had a similar experience

    • janrzm says:

      Thats good to hear, I reckon he has a lot of happy customers! Certainly for me sending a camera from overseas the communication is really important, also the honest assessment, feedback and turnaround is also great.

  • Leicafx says:

    I’m glad you had a good experience with Youxin. I just got my lens back after a CLA and it’s scratched badly. 🙁

    • janrzm says:

      I’m really sorry to hear that!! Have you contacted him?

      Since this post I have also sent my M6 to Youxin for CLA with the same excellent results.

      I guess the reality is that every now and then something negative will happen when using these repair guys, its inevitble. For example, I sent my M5 to DAG for repair, it was the first time I’d used them. Despite many emails and calls it took me around two years to get it back, an unbelievable amount of time!! Whist the M5 did come back in great order I’d still consider it a bad experience. That said there are no end of people that had used them for years without issue……

      Keep me posted.

  • ToddB says:

    i submitted two M3’s to Youxin and was blown away by the quick turn around and quality work that was provided to my M3’s up and running for reliable use. I use these cameras for professional use and having missed frames with anything less than perfect results is not exceptable. We are truly blessed to have someone like this around that is passionate and prideful in their like Youxin is.

  • Alan Logan says:

    Early this year I sent my LTM Canon lenses, f2.8 28mm, f2 35mm & f1.8 85mm, along with a Summitar f2 5cm. All were CLA’d and returned within 4 weeks. Quality work accompanied by a detailed report on each lens.
    Youxin’s expertise was such that I asked him to source, service and sell me a Leica M3. Again an excellent result at a reasonable price. I shall certainly use Youxin in the future when requiring Leica/ Canon rangefinder service.

  • JSB Cheung says:

    Years ago, I bought several Barnack cameras (black painted by him). communciation was good. Would not hestiate to use him again.

  • Wil Hinds says:

    Youxin Ye is amazing!

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