Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger 005 Review


I’m really delighted to be back and taking a look at the latest version of the Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger 005.

Back in the day, when life was simple and I had one camera kit, I also had just one camera bag, that actually seems like a million years ago now! These days, messing around with different gear combinations and various formats it’s not really possible to get away with such a simple arrangement. That said, I’m sure most photographers probably have at least two bags, some maybe more?

For the past couple of years I’ve been using the Wotancraft City Explorer Ranger 002 and I’ve been absolutely delighted with it,  it’s a big bag and it enabled me to indulge my habit of carrying a lot of gear around. The Ranger is the largest bag in the City Explorer line-up, alongside this, my small bag option has been the Wotancraft City Explorer Scout 006,  it’s ths bag I took on my 8 week trip through several countries and one I’ve used increasingly as I’ve learnt to carry less gear.

In terms of size the Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger 005 falls between the two bags I already own and I would describe it as a Wotancraft’s other large bag option after it’s big brother the Ranger.

I’ve tried to look at this bag with “fresh” eye’s, something that’s been made slightly easier by my enforced rest from photography, knee surgery can do that for you!

This is the bag I’m currently using.


Courtesy of Wotancraft

Outer Bag Materials

  • Vegetable tanned leather (sheepskin front flap, cowhide straps)
  • WXC-901 waxed canvas
  • High-strength metal hardware
  • Exclusively designed buckles,with distressed dent marks
  • YKK Zippers

Inner Detachable Waterproof Pouch Materials

  • Hovercraft-grade mesh fabric (vacuum formed edge sealing)
  • High density shock resistant foam lining
  • Flexible microfiber dividers (small x2, large with cap x2)
  • YKK Aquaguard waterproof zipper


  • Size (exterior): 36(width)x 15(depth)x 26(height) cm
  • Size (interior): 33(width)x 12(depth)x 23(height) cm
  • Strap length: adjustable between 90~130 cm
  • Notebook compartment for 12″ notebook or iPad
  • Weight:
1.00(Outer Bag); 0.50(Inner Bag); 0.29(Strap) kg

The Outer Bag

I take a deep breath, inhale and fill my lungs…… I’m not embarrassed to admit that the smell of new camera bag leather emanating from the just opened packaging takes me to a very happy place! Maybe, subconsciously it reminds of new car interiors, I’m not certain of that but I’m certain I like it. I proceed, choosing to ignore the faint voice in dark recesses of my mind proclaiming “only women should get this much pleasure from a new bag” (apologises for sexist comment).

Slowly, I remove the camera bag from the protective cotton pouch it ships in. It’s been a while since my last Wotancraft bag opening and I’m pleased to see they’ve retained this little touch, you know from the minute that bag was made it’s been taken care of.

Quality, quality, quality and so it should be, these are after all premium camera bags, one thing is immediately obvious to me, you absolutely get what you pay for.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Back

Just like it’s “big brother” the Ranger, the Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger 005 has adjustable top straps which enable you to secure a coat/jacket or similar.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Front

Choice a bag colour is now limited to Vintage Grey waxed canvas with Dark Brown leather, whilst the previous incarnation of this bag was available with two options of finish I actually much prefer the new colours to either of those. The vintage grey canvas/brown leather combination is somewhat more neutral and as such I would expect them to have a broader appeal.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the bags retro styling, I think I may have mentioned in my last review that looks aren’t my top consideration when it comes to camera bags but they are important nonetheless. I know these look good because my teenage daughters have declined the opportunity to tell me otherwise….

It’s worth noting that certain materials used in the manufacture of these bags are natural and not manmade. It is therefore possible for small colour variations to occur from time to time.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Detail 2

Strap lugs on the base of the bag offer aditional usability.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Bottom

I’d be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for quality, of that there is no doubt.

This new Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger 005 bag is not a mass produced item, it isn’t one of a million others, each identical to the next, absolutely not. These bags are handmade by skilled and experienced craftsmen, masters of their trade. The materials, the detail, the stitching they are all exemplary, each a hallmark of quality. You know your bag is one of a limited number and each one unique in it’s own right because of the materials used and the production methods, a handmade bag in every sense.

If your anything like me then quality in itself probably isn’t enough, I want quality and value for money too!

This bag retails at US$399, thats a decent investment in anyone’s money. Now here’s where the manufacturing quality and materials I’ve been talking about start to equate to value for money in real terms. They have an inherent longevity,  not only are these Wotancraft bag’s stunning, they will last you many, many years.

Please Note – The cost of International Shipping is already included in the retail price above.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Detail 1


Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Magnetic

Attention to detail – Stitched in magnetic retainers allow you to expose less or more of the bag contents dependant on your needs.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Open

Ample external storage with 4 pockets and 1 pouch add to the Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger 005 versatility.

The Inner Bag

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Flat

The Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger 005 bags boast a removable inner pouch constructed from Hovercraft grade materials, the inner is shockproof and extremely well padded, it also adds an additional element of waterproofing over and above the canvas and leather exterior.

Whilst the removable inner pouch does add 500 grams to the overall weight of the bag I still see it as a huge positive. My gear has never felt quite so secure when out and about.

Should you wish to remove the pouch It can be done very easily.  As one would expect the bag looses a little of it’s shape depending on what you have in it. I do wonder if there is an opportunity to add some fixed positions for the Flexible Micro-fibre Dividers to be utilised inside the bag itself.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Inner

I’ve used the Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger 005 in heavy rain, it works exactly as you’d expect and it offers the kind of protection from the elements you would want and need.

I can’t profess to have tested the waterproof inner under strict scientific conditions but out of curiosity I decided to put it to the test in more extreme circumstances.

Firstly, with the waterproof inner fully sealed, placed inside the outer bag, also sealed. I fired the high power hose at this, not quite replicating a water cannon at a Turkish political rally but fairly hardcore for a camera bag. I did managed to get some water inside the outer but not the inner. The results were as I’d expected given the water was fired horizontally at the bag.

More extreme still I tested the inner, by itself, outside the bag. My initial thoughts were to submerge it fully in the pool, clearly not what it was designed for. This transpired to be easier said than done as it has a great deal of buoyancy, enough buoyancy I’d say to keep the entire bag afloat even with gear in it. Certainly for long enough that you could recover the whole thing should the unimaginable actually happen!!

Here’s where it got less scientific, the only way I could fully submerge the inner was to apply a bit of pressure to the sides, in doing so I compromised the zipper. Completely submerged for 15 seconds I did manage to get a small amount of water in to the bag, nowhere near enough to damage your gear though.

The value of this feature can really only be ascertained by the individual photographer, for me, I look at it as insurance, additional peace of mind. Many of us are using expensive equipment, it makes sense to protect it.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Iner Pouch

The waterproof inner has a storage pouch on the reverse of the lid, this positioning makes it usable when the inner top is open or closed. I’ve noted a couple of modifications to this element of the inner, first the pouch is now constructed from the same materials as the inner. Secondly, the metal zipper has been replaced with a Ziploc seal which I assume makes it more watertight.


Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Strap

The strap length is adjustable between 90cm and 130cm, offering plenty of scope for most peoples needs.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Zip Detail

Pocket zippers have secure fastenings to prevent them from dangling.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Strap Back

The strap design works extremely well on these bags, the padding and shape are very effective and make for a comfortable carry, even on the logest of days.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Front Pocket

The front pockets also have two way zippers to enable you to open the pocket from the bottom while the flap is still in place.


The Pro SLR configuration below – Courtest of Wotancraft. I’ve also added a couple of additional configurations. Clearly there is more room in the bag, these are workable configurations that avoid the need to stack and diminish useability.

  • Pro SLR x1, lens x2, Pro Flash x1, accessories
  • Leica Rangefinder x 2, Lenses x 4, accessories
  • Contax 645 assembled x 1, Lenses x2. accessories

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Gear 1

In addition to the camera configurations above the bag is also capable of holding a 12″ Notebook or iPad, this fits comfortably into a purpose made pocket on the inside of the Outer Bag, tucked safely next to the inner. Interestingly I was able to get my 13″ Macbook Air with INCIPIO hard-case to fit in the pouch. There is also a second, smaller internal pouch with zip.

Wotancraft City Explorer Avenger Review Gear 2


One thing I hadn’t noticed about the Wotancraft bags until recently is how unbelievably resilient they are. Way back in November 2013 I embarked on a 8 week trip around the world, I took with me the previous version of the Wotancraft City Explorer Scout (All City Explorer bags are made from the same materials). It wasn’t until my eventual return in January that I unpacked the bag and gave it a once over, quite incredibly it still looks totally brand new, remarkable given the amount of use it had on that trip alone.

A couple of years ago when I did my original review of the Wotancraft – City Explorer Ranger 002 I had to make some assumptions on how I expected the bag to perform based on the observations of a few weeks. Now having experienced several Wotancraft bags over a much longer period I feel more qualified to make some of the statements in this review.

I’ve not used every camera bag out there that’s for sure, you may have had great experiences with other bag’s, of that I’ve no doubt. What I will say is, if you’re looking for something different, something new, something exceptional then I can, based on my experiences, vouch for these bags in every way.

As always I’m happy to answer questions and try out gear configurations for fit (If I have it).

Cheers, Jason.

The Video

When I did my previous review one question I was asked many times related to the actual size of the bag in question. With that in mind I decided to make a short video that would give a better idea of scale and show a little more of the bag. Now I need to make a couple of things clear here…..

1) I have never, ever made a video or used Final Cut Pro X before.

2) Yes, it could be a bit more dynamic and shorter….

I went out for a without a plan, several hours later and lets just say I’d learnt a lot!

They will get better!!

Note: I receive no payment for these reviews and have no business afilliation with Wotancraft.

Wotancraft Camera Bags

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You can see my review of the previous version Wotancraft – City Explorer Ranger 002 – HERE.


  • andygemmell says:

    Welcome back Jason! Looks your moving freely with the new ACL! Looks a nice bag. Possibly a a bit too large for my uses, though that said which of these would be best for carrying a Mamiya 7, with extra lens and Ikon with 50lux attached?

    Obviously so film as well :-)…..

    • janrzm says:

      Thanks it’s good to be back, I actually did this a few weeks ago. I’d say it’s too big for that setup, maybe the Scout or the Messenger. I’d actually like to see the top flap of the Messenger reduced in size a little, on that basis I prefer the Scout.

  • andygemmell says:

    p.s. congrats on the new site…..looks great.

    • janrzm says:

      Thanks again!! I talked myself in to it about three weeks ago, I’ve been putting it off!!! I should actually have done it in the weeks I was laid up but I just didn’t feel like doing much then. I’m pleased with it though, gives me a polished front end to dress up and the blog is still there as it was.

  • Don says:

    Something is really, really wrong with the scrolling experience on this site. Was it designed by the same people who redesigned Flickr?

    • janrzm says:

      Hi Don,

      Can I ask what browser you are using?

      • Don says:

        Latest Safari and Firefox on a Mac. Must be the custom scrollbar thingy here. Why would you do this The speed and responsiveness is way off compared to scrolling any other site. This drives me away.

        • janrzm says:

          I was thinking you might say, Explorer on an old PC!! There must be something else going on, I use a Mac, it’s tested on Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE9,10 and 11. If you can provide more detail I can get it looked in to, I want/need people to have a good viewing experience. 🙂

        • janrzm says:

          Hey Don.

          I’ve removed the video from the homepage, I’d be interested to know if that has made any difference? Also, I should have mentioned earlier, if you just bookmark the blog page instead of the homepage your experience should be the same as previous, no elaborate code on there.

          Cheers, Jason.

  • andygemmell says:

    scrolling is fine on my Mac in Chrome Jason. Though I did have to work out the grey bar on the side was hiding the scrolling tool…maybe this is what Don experienced as well.

    • janrzm says:

      Thanks Andrew! I’ll continue to optimise, I was expecting speed to be more of an issue than browser compatibility. Right now though I’ve spent enough time on this computer, I need to actually take some photographs…..

  • darrin says:

    Great to see your back Big J. Firing on all cylinders as per usual.
    Nice review.
    You can’t beat quality, as you say.

  • steve says:

    nice review, but I still have no idea what I’d be able to fit in this bag.

    • janrzm says:

      Hey Steve, there are few examples in the “Capacity” that give an indication, if you elaborate on your gear I’d be happy to give my thoughts.


  • […] least used Sony A7r’s anywhere in the world!!! Despite having it loaded and ready to go in my Wotancraft Avenger I’ve had no real appetite to use it for my day to day shooting since my initial post – HERE. […]

  • Simon says:


    Thanks so much for your reviews of these Wotancraft bags. I own the Ryker which is amazing. However I am after a larger bag to carry a Sony A7 II with 24-70 zoom, 70-200 zoom, the 55 1.8, 35 2.8, and the mitakon 50 f0.95, and perhaps a flash as well

    I’m having trouble deciding between the avenger and the ranger. You seem to own both. The Wotancraft site info suggests they are pretty close in size (1-3 cm difference) . Is there a big difference in practical use? I wonder which of these two bags you find yourself using more often?

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts


    • janrzm says:

      Hi Simon, you’re welcome.

      There isn’t really any discernible difference in terms of functionality beyond that size variance you mention. There’s an obvious logic to not having a bag that’s bigger than your needs, that said requirements change over time so maybe there’s a logic in going for the Ranger….make no mistake these really are great bags and any purchase you make will have one considerable improvement over the Wotancraft bags I have here, by that I am referring to the new material being used as it is notably lighter in weight.

      In terms of which I use most often well it’s probably been the Ranger but of course I’ve had that longer, also my shooting habits have changed in that I’m carrying markedly less gear these days so both Ranger and Avenger are bigger than I need, for now…..

      I’d be interested to know which way you decide and what your thoughts are on the bag when/if you get one.

      Cheers, Jason.

      • sliedude says:

        Thank you for that Jason

        I have ordered a scout for a mid size bag and will probably order the ranger as a big bag option.

        I have enjoyed your site. Thanks for sharing your insights



  • David Newport says:

    Hi Jason, been awhile. Looking for a bag and came across Wotancraft Ranger. Looking for a travel bag. Am finally down to one kit. Have a7rIi and three canon TsEs plus Lee filter pack so want a bag that you can add travel stuff as well. So from what you say above Ranger is bigger?

    • janrzm says:

      Hey Dave, yes too long. Can you stay with one kit though….. 😉

      Yes, the Ranger is a bigger bag than the Avenger it really depends what your “travel stuff” is. Obviously I have both here so just shout out if you need any specific details.


  • Rocky says:

    Hi Jason,
    I’m glad you do these reviews. These bags are fantastic. I have a Scout from years ago that I use almost daily. I’m considering either the commander or the Ranger as a larger option for carrying daypack type gear along with a small M9 set. Which do you prefer and why? I know the Shadow is also an option, but seems to not have much in the way of camera protection and just more of a pack. Also, how did you feel about the all black finish compared to the gray and brown? Thanks!

    • janrzm says:

      Hi Rocky,

      It’s a pleasure and always good to hear from someone that’s found them useful. The Wotancraft bags are indeed fantastic!

      There isn’t a quick reply to this but I will sit down later and put something together, I’ll reply again in a day or so.

      Cheers, Jason.

    • janrzm says:

      I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability, based on my own experiences and my shooting habits. Between the Ranger and the Commander it’s not so much a case of preference it’s more about –

      A) Where am I going.
      B) What am I shooting.
      C) What do I need.

      Not necessarily in that order nor limited to those criteria but essentially that’s it. Because I don’t really have a set camera system or a dedicated genre my needs seem to be quite varied. For you this may be very different with your dedicated small M9 kit.

      Off the shoulder bags are my preference but once the terrain gets a bit rougher or really any situation where you aren’t just casually strolling then the bags begin to become a pain, slipping off the shoulder, swinging around the hip etc. On the positive side, they are great for ease of access, if I’m in a situation where I need to access cameras/lenses frequently then I’d nearly always go with that type of bag.

      The other issue you can have with any over the shoulder bag is comfort and weight distribution when we allow them to be overloaded. This could occur with the Ranger, the bag is large and quite capable of holding a huge amount of gear, the heavier you make it the more uncomfortable and unwieldy they become. If you aren’t concerned about the weight of the items you’re carrying then the bag is a great option.

      It’s difficult to give a categorical answer without knowing how and where you intend to use it. I only prefer one over the other once the shooting criteria are established. The other thing I’d ask myself is, do I have more overall flexibility owning a Scout and a Ranger or a Scout and a Commander?

      In terms of the Shadow Warrior you’re correct in saying the Commander ships with more “in built” camera protection, but if you add the optional waterproof camera insert then that’s resolved. It’s a shame the insert from your Scout doesn’t fit but I checked.

      I’ve got a crazy number of bags here but I’m currently using the Ryker (tan) and Shadow Warrior (black), it seems to cover most bases. So a similar combination to the one you are considering just on a touch smaller scale.

      The colour, very subjective….. I’m a fan of both. The black has definitely given the bag a more fashionable edge, certainly on the Shadow Warrior. Considerations beyond it’s appearance when new would be the potential marking, if you do manage to put a mark on the black it’s more noticeable, that said I think it adds to the appearance, some may not agree.

      Hope I’ve helped and please let me know which way you go.

      Cheers, Jason.

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