Guest Post – Paolo Barzman

By April 4, 2014 Guest Post

It seems my inspiration mojo deserted me over the past few weeks, a side effect of my limited mobility….. therefore a little later than intended I present my second guest feature.

I’m delighted to be able to present the photographic work of the extremely talented Paolo Barzman, a true visual artist in every sense.

There’s a surrealist quality to many of these images, sometimes simple, at others complex, I see emotion and humour, photographs developed in to art. 

I don’t profess to be a photo critic, indeed if truth be known I often find it quite difficult to articulate everything that appeals to me about a particular image, I’m left to wonder if this is a shortcoming in me or more common place….?

Anyway, enjoy….

its-called-radical-chic-sweetie… …-its-called-radical-chic-sweetie…art-critics-confused-about-the-confusion art-critics-confused-about-the-confusiondramadramafollow me follow-mefrOm-thE-loSt-diarY-oF-Kid-sYnapTik frOm-thE-loSt-diarY-oF-Kid-sYnapTikgoing-home-Paris-on-crutches-and-morphine going-home-Paris-on-crutches-and-morphinepeople extremely confused about this “passage of time” business… people-extremely-confused-about-this-passage-of-time-business...summer-solsticesummer-solsticehipsters-wondering-where-the-actions-gonna-be-tonight hipsters-wondering-where-the-actions-gonna-be-tonightin-praise-of-the-butterfly-effectin-praise-of-the-butterfly-effectjazzy-end-of-day-in-Mong-Kok jazzy-end-of-day-in-Mong-Kokle-miroir le-miroirla-jOiE-de-Bibrela-jOiE-de-Bibrela-petite-chansonla-petite-chansonle-passAgEle-passAgEles-derniers-romantiquesles-derniers-romantiquesnocturnal-razzmatazz-in-tsim-sha-tsuinocturnal-razzmatazz-in-tsim-sha-tsuiphoto-photophoto-photosynopsis-for-a-choreography-of-collective-hysteriasynopsis-for-a-choreography-of-collective-hysteriathe-conversationthe-conversationwoman-not-recognising-her-husband-anymorewoman-not-recognizing-her-husband-anymore

You can see more photography from Paolo Barzman HERE and his extensive film/TV work can be sampled HERE

Once again I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to Paolo for his assistance and kindness in allowing me to share his images here.

Cheers, Jason.


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