Sony A7R

Sony A7R

Sony A7r

What can I say, it is my birthday tomorrow!!!

I learned a few weeks ago that the Sony A7r was going to be released in NZ around the 22nd November, quite literally the day before my trip. Yesterday I got the call from the awesome people at Photo & Video International advising that mine was in stock. It was decision time……..

My mind was made up on the A7r some time ago, the decision that needed to be made yesterday was all about getting it in time, I rolled the dice and the camera arrived two hours before I leave for the airport, very fortunate, fate even?

More decisions required, to take it with me, or be the only person in the world keeping their A7r in the box for 2 months after buying it, a no brainer really.

I’ll keep you posted.

Cheers, Jason.

  1. DarrinDarrin11-23-2013

    Sometimes I buy myself birthday presents several times a year ;)
    So Jason, have you made your final decision on your travel kit?

    • janrzmjanrzm11-29-2013

      Hi Darrin,

      Just as it should be :-)

      In the end I took the Voigtlanders – 50/1.5 35/1.2 and 21/1.8

      Just arrived in NY.

  2. MikhailMikhail11-23-2013

    Hi Jason, Iam near sure you was taking it but you should be prepared with lenses kit. Which ones you was fitting? Enjoy it and show us first shoots and most important your feelings about that gem. Greetings

    • janrzmjanrzm11-29-2013

      Hi Mikhall,

      I’ve used the A7r for a couple of days, initially with the focus peaking and I’ve missed a lot of shots, either its inaccurate or I am……not sure yet ;-)

  3. HilmarHilmar11-24-2013

    Wow, that was lucky. I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures taken with this camera.

    • janrzmjanrzm11-29-2013

      I was lucky, although I’ve not had much luck we the A7r yet, I certainly wouldn’t describe that camera and myself as friends…….not yet.

  4. RossRoss11-27-2013

    Nice to see you have the A7r and I am looking forward to seeing your first images with it.
    I’m just needing that little nudge to buy the beauty.
    Interested to see how your M lenses work with it .

    • janrzmjanrzm11-29-2013

      Hi Ross,

      I love the images from the A7r but I’m missing focus wide open, I’m getting better but it’s frustrating, I’ve missed a few shots already that I really, really wanted.

  5. HilmarHilmar11-30-2013

    Jason, will be interesting to read how you progress with this camera. I saw your comment on Steve’s website. Very interesting. Please keep us posted.

    • janrzmjanrzm12-01-2013

      Hi Hilmar, I will be happy to share my thoughts upon my return. :-)

  6. AmroAmro12-09-2013

    So much great camera gear to buy. Is there any point me saving up for an M8 now that the A7/A7r is out? (They are about the same price (M8 second hand, of course). Plus I have no decent lenses …

    This photography lark is proving to be very expensive!

    • janrzmjanrzm12-23-2013

      Hi Amro,

      Absolutely so much great equipment around at the minute!!

      I have no experience with the M8, I still have plenty to learn about the A7r but I’m certain that would be my choice of those two.

      All the best.


  7. darrindarrin12-23-2013

    Great choice in your lens selection Jason. I ended up taking 35mm summilux f/1.4 and 50mm noctilux f/0.95 to Seoul. It was great to finally meet Thorsten, and maybe one day when I visit my family back in NZ our paths may cross. Its a small world after all. I’m regularly watching your website and can’t wait to see what your’ve been up to. Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. All the best for 2014.

    • janrzmjanrzm12-23-2013

      Hi Darrin,

      I’m really pleased you enjoyed your trip to Seoul and meeting Thorsten, if you make it to NZ at some point please be sure to let me know. We’re about halfway through our trip, it’s been extremely busy catching up with friends and family.

      I wish you a great Christmas and a happy New Year also, all the best.


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