Goodbye iMac……..Hello iMac

By November 10, 2013Blog

As I only use my iMac for photographic purposes I guess the events of the last week mean it still qualifies for a mention on here. I’ll share this because my experiences may influence your decision to buy Apple or AppleCare in future.

2 years and 6 months ago I treated myself to a new iMac, I upgraded the processor and the Ram to the maximum available at the time, inevitably spending a little more than I’d wanted to…… Then I paused for thought over the AppleCare, another $250.00 of expense, do I really need to do this I pondered, Apple’s are reliable right? Fortunately I did take out the AppleCare and boy I am so pleased I did after this week.

My original graphics card failed 6 months ago, it was replaced. Three months later the replacement failed, 6 weeks ago that replacement failed. The proposed solution at that time was to replace it once more and as an extra precaution Apple also wanted to replace the Logic Board, those repairs were undertaken. I’ll be honest, at this point I was worried, the repairs weren’t working and the inconvenience was a major hassle. As it transpired I was worried for no reason.

Last week more issues arose with my display, I contacted Apple and spoke with the guy I’d been dealing with, “don’t worry” he said, I’m going to replace your iMac. I was obviously delighted with this news but in truth I still had no idea what to expect, this is where it gets impressive.

So, how does it work –

  • As my original iMac was the top specification when I bought it, the replacement must be the top specification now.
  • There can be no loss of functionality, as the new iMac’s have no Optical Drive I will be given an external Super Drive.
  • There can be no reduction is specification, as my current iMac has a 2TB HD and they no longer do that size I must be upgraded to 3TB.
  • I will be refunded the balance of my initial AppleCare policy.
  • I can take out new AppleCare on the replacement iMac.
  • I can apply any upgrades I wish to the replacement iMac, yes please!! 

The only negative along the way has been the time spent in repair, as we don’t have an Apple Store here that has taken a little longer than I would have liked. Additionally it appears that replacement parts fitted under AppleCare can in some cases be used parts, I suppose this could work in your favour if they ultimately and continuously fail…..
Lazily and I suspect like many other people I’d not read the small print of my AppleCare, I had no idea of what it entitled me to or indeed what to expect from it. Now I understand it more and whilst it’s not perfect it will be the best $270.00 you’ll ever spend.

All too often we experience poor customer service, retailers always want your cash, what they don’t want is to hear from you afterwards!! This has been such a refreshing change, I’ve been treated like my custom is important, as such I will continue to be a customer.

Cheers, Jason.


  • Hilmar says:

    Wow, that sounds really great. Knowing myself I think I wouldn’t have spent the extra money for Apple Care. I also consider buying an iMac but I’m unsure since I have a good EIZO screen the MacPro could be a better option. Do you consider the iMac screen appropriate for doing post-processing. I guess you calibrate it regularly as I would do with any screen, right?

    • This is a fantastic little story Jason. Having previously been an Apple technician in my youth back in the early days before Apple’s popularity grew, I always, always recommend AppleCare to everyone I know who is considering buying any Apple product.

      Apple’s customer service is second to none. My aging 15-inch MacBook Pro (the first generation of the new ‘unibody’ MacBooks) developed the notorious battery bulge that ended up damaging my trackpad. The machine was out of warranty two years already with AppleCare having expired as well when I took it to an Apple Store. They replaced the battery right then and there free if charge. When I took it home and it still exhibited the same problems, they fixed it, again, free of charge. All this despite the fact that it was years out of warranty and they no longer even sell MacBook Pros with removable batteries!

      I did as Duane and had a dual drive setup in mine with an SSD for applications and a 1TB 7200rpm hard drive for storage. An SSD is hands down the best investment and upgrade one could make both for MacBooks and the iMacs.

      Hilmar, unless you require the raw power of the Mac Pro, the iMac is very capable as an editing machine. Since you have an EIZO just use it as a secondary or primary display. I would use the iMac myself but ended up getting a Mac Pro as I have but a tiny desk which only fits a single display.

      I recommend calibrating your iMac and EIZO together but for critical color stick to the EIZO. None of the Apple displays come close to reproducing colour like EIZOs, LaCies and NEC displays. That said they’re more than good enough for looking at photos and the 27-inch iMac is worth every penny considering it costs about $1000 or so for a display with that same resolution already.

      Jason please keep us posted on your continuing experience with the new setup! I suspect this post will help a lot of photographers who are considering a Mac as their primary machine.

      • janrzm says:

        Hi Christian,

        Again, another positive AppleCare story, good to hear.

        I am trying out the Fusion Drives on this model, it will be interesting to see how much faster they are.

        Thanks for the feedback and I’ll update on the new iMac when it arrives, I know it will be awesome.



    • janrzm says:

      Hi Hilmar,

      Yes it’s definitely worth the peace of mind, the Apple customer service has been second to none. I do consider the iMac to be more than suitable for post-processing and I’ve never really considered the alternatives, for my needs the iMac screen is more than good enough, also the new screen drastically reduces reflection so that will be a benefit – I’m lazy with calibration, occasionally and only manually at that…….

  • I’ve been a very happy Apple owner for 20 years. They’re not perfect, of course, but they do try their best to make it right. I have usually always purchased the Apple Care with a new machine and I have had to use that service a couple times. It does give you a lot of comfort that you have such a big company that backs their product.

    I just bought a reconditioned 15″ MacBook Pro from Apple’s website. It replaces my aging 15″ MacBook Pro that I bought over 6 years ago. I’ve upgraded the hard drive a couple times and finally a year a go I put a SSD drive in and took the DVD drive out and put my Lightroom photo library on that drive. But it had finally started acting weird when trying to sleep where I’d find it running with the lid down.

    So I’m with you Jason. Apple products have been good to me.

    • janrzm says:

      Thanks for sharing that Duane,

      I’ve heard many positive stories regarding AppleCare experiences as well in the last few days.

  • Hilmar says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Duane. In any case, I will order Apple Care in future when I’m going to buy either the iMac or the MacPro.

  • Hilmar says:

    Christian, thank you for the feedback which I’ve just seen. You’re right that I won’t need a Mac Pro, an iMac should do fine. Or I could buy an Mac Mini whose specs are also nice. Having a good EIZO screen I should do fine. I can only use one screen on my desk anyway. Would love to know when Apple is going to update the Mac Minis but nobody knows, of course.

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