A Rainy Day on the Banks Peninsula

By November 8, 2013Blog, Photo Essay

I wasn’t intending to do anything with these images but I’ve decided to use them to buy myself a little time, hopefully I will manage to take a quick look at VSCO FILM before I depart these shores. I promise, no more South Island posts after this one………

One of the few surprises my South Island trip threw up was the Banks Peninsula and in particular the French settlement of Akoroa and a little hamlet called Okains Bay. As I arrived quite late I decided to rise early and take a wander around on what turned out to be a rather gloomy morning.

For a change I decided to shoot Leica M9 jpeg only, not something I’ve done before but I figured it would help reduce the amount of effort required on my return. Colours are out of camera and I find them to be pleasing, on a couple of images I’ve applied a slight vignette (as usual)

All images from the 35mm Summicron (Pre Asph) v.1 unless stated otherwise, B&W’s from the Monoch










In New Zealand I frequently find myself confronted by the unexpected……

BP-10and sometimes the plain old unusual……










As I’ve said I like the Leica M9 jpeg colours out of the camera but in all honesty I felt a little “exposed” not having the RAW files to play with. In future I will stick with my current method of shooting RAW + JPEG and using the JPEG’s as a reference when I need it.Β Monochrom files were all RAW.

If seen a whole lot of the South Island now, I’m not a tourist guide by any means but if you’re visiting and want a few pointers feel free to drop me a line.

Cheers, Jason.


  • John Lockwood says:

    Wow, I’d say those colors are great. Or as you might say, lovely. Amateur’s often feel the need to massage files. A pro can nail it in camera, as you have done. Just like when we shot film, baby. Outstanding!

    • janrzm says:

      Haha, yes lovely indeed!! That’s good to hear, I value your opinion greatly. I need to head in this direction next year, less post processing……that said I’d still like to know I have the RAW’s as back-up πŸ™‚

      Thanks again.

  • Umberto says:

    Dear Jason,
    The M9 colors have been often severely criticized expecially for JPEG. I must say that at the god old film times, I have always shooted 90% b&w. After I bought the M9, I started to print more and more in colors: I think the richness of the dark tones make the M9 images unique. I have never liked the rich oversatured colors you usually se around and I didn’t even like a iconic transparency like Velvia 50. To make a bit stressed comparison I would say M9 colors remember me the deep blacks of the “unique and incredibile” Agfa Scala 200 (the only b&w film ever produced on an industrial scale).
    Dear Jason, I know you are about to leave: I wish you and your family a faboulous holiday.

    • janrzm says:

      Hi Umberto,

      It’s funny thinking back I’m sure that the M9 JPEG’s were what attracted me to the camera initially, that and it being the only FF rangefinder available….. πŸ˜‰ I think that richness in the dark tones that you refer to is the benefit of the CCD sensor.

      I’ve just spent 20 minutes mezmerised by the beauty of the AGFA Scala 200 images on Google.

      Thanks for your kindness,

      Best wishes, Jason.

  • Bruce Esplin says:

    As usual, very inspiring and interesting images Jason

  • Peter Mayer says:

    wonderful shots, i like them and New Zealand

  • Elderin says:

    Hi Jason,

    thanks for sharing these images. Very intersting to see, as i did not give JPG a chance since i came from a Nikon DSLR.
    They are truly beautiful but i am not shure if that is you or the look of the JPGs πŸ˜‰
    Anyhow, i wish you nice holidays and dont let this site put pressure on you. I will check back regulary and if there is new stuff i am happy. But i am not disappointed if there is no new content every two, or three days or even longer. It is not about quantity, it is the quality that makes me come back.

    See you soon. Alle the best.

    • janrzm says:

      Hi Elderin,

      It makes me wonder how many of us do the same, ignore the JPEG’s completely…..

      I suspect it has more to do with the camera than myself but I thank you all the same πŸ™‚

      Your last comment is very important to me as I endeavor for quality over quantity, thanks for your patience and understanding.

      All the best to you, Jason.

  • Elderin says:

    Maybe JPG works better on an overcast day. I dont think it will be so pleasing on a bright, sunny, day.
    I will experiment with that in mind. Good inspiration πŸ˜‰

    • janrzm says:

      Indeed, I don’t think I’ll specifically shoot JPEG again but I will continue to shoot RAW+JPEG and pay a good deal more attention to what I have in the JPEG before I just go ahead and process the RAW.


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