A Film Legacy – Pt 3

By March 16, 2013Blog, Film, Guest Post

It gives me great pleasure to present the third installment in the Film Legacy series of images by the late amateur photographer Roland G Phillips-Turner, it’s a post tinged with more than a little sadness on my part because as things currently stand this will be the final installment.

For anyone that missed it the first part of this guest post can be found here – A Film Legacy – Pt 1 & A Film Legacy – Pt 2

I have really become very fond of these images, they have taken me on an unforgettable journey, one which has cemented my love of analogue photography and film. Hopefully they will have served to inspire others to adopt film or maybe even return to film, it would be great if that were the case as this was a contributing factor in my decision to show these slides.

Slide 22 – Hasselblad 500c – KODAK EKTACHROMEslides008Slide 23 – Hasselblad 500c – KODAK EKTACHROMEslides013Slide 24 – Hasselblad 500c – KODAK EKTACHROME  slides012Slide 25 – Hasselblad 500c – KODAK EKTACHROME  slides011Slide 26 – Hasselblad 500c – AGFACOLOR DIA A Film Legacy slides002Slide 27 – Hasselblad 500c – AGFACOLOR DIA A Film Legacy slides006Slide 28 – Hasselblad 500c – AGFACOLOR DIA  slides005Slide 29 – Hasselblad 500c – AGFACOLOR DIA A Film Legacy slides007Slide 30 – Hasselblad 500c – KODAK EKTACHROME  slides009Slide 31 – Hasselblad 500c – AGFACOLOR DIA slides003Slide 32 – Hasselblad 500c – KODAK EKTACHROME A Film Legacy slides010Slide 33 – Hasselblad 500c – KODAK EKTACHROME A Film Legacy slides014Slide 34 – Hasselblad 500c – AGFACOLOR DIA A Film Legacy slides004

I hope at some stage to be able to show my own images from these regions of New Zealand, recorded on film in both 35mm and MF. A small tribute as it were to these images and to the photographer – Roland G Phillips-Turner.

For some time now I have been slowly planning my own adventure in to some of the country’s most unspoiled locations. I’ll keep you posted.




  • Andrew says:

    I have followed this series from start to now finish. It was the first time I came across your site when Steve Huff ran the original part 1. So much history and these images seem so real and authentic vs the digital age we live in now.

    Well done with this series and and I am sure Roland would be very happy if he knew these had come to life again.

  • sally says:

    Jason, absolute delight to see the slides again-no. 25 my mother with Mrs Titipo- no 32 while my father waited as I climbed Ngaruahoe . You have done a great job with the presentation! There is one more container to go if you are interested. Thank you

    • janrzm says:

      Hi Sally, it’s been my pleasure to bring these back to life. It was lovely to catch up yesterday and there will definitely be another post with the new 35mm slides.

      Thanks Jason.

  • Steven says:

    Hi Jason, I have been following your site & posts (as well as the instalments on the photographs from the late Mr Phillips-Turner – which I think are wonderful) for some time now (ever since you posted on Steve Huff’s website. I enjoy your website, photos and photographic insights. I have just started using photographic film and one of the influences in me doing so was none other then yourself! I have a Nikon FM3A which I am enjoying but I have yet to finish the first roll of film after about 6 weeks (I am taking it very slowly but enjoying the anticipation of seeing the results in the near future – hopefully).

    Keep up the good work.


    • janrzm says:

      Hi Steven

      I can’t tell you what it means to get comments like this, I’m delighted that your enjoying the website, even more so that it’s encouraged you to have some film fun. There is nothing quite like the anticipaition that comes from looking at that freshly developed roll of film.

      Please keep me posted on your progress.

      Cheers, Jason.

  • martin says:

    this pictures are awesome, I’m looking for a hasselblad 500 c/m to folllow this kind of path in photography!

    thanks to share this!
    best, martin from Argentina

    • janrzm says:

      Hi Martin, welcome.

      I’d already bought a 500c before I found these images but they certainly reinfored my reasons for doing so, I can totally relate to what you say.

      I’m really pleased you enjoyed them.

      All the best, Jason.

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