Jupiter 3 f/1.5 Information Update

By February 6, 2013 Blog, User Report

Some time ago I put forward a User Report on the 50mm Jupiter 3 f/1.5 which caught the attention of Brian Sweeney. For those that are not familiar with Brian’s name he is an authority on the Jupiter 3 and over the years he has helped many people get the best from this lens in terms of performance.

It was suggested that my website was the perfect place to host the plethora of technical information that existed and I was obviously happy to agree to this. To this end Brian generously set about collating and updating the documentation you’ll find here. So, thanks to Brian’s generosity and a little later than I had planned I am able to advise that the 50mm Jupiter 3 f/1.5 User Report has now been updated with the following instructions – 

  • Jupiter 3 – Exploded & Labeled
  • Shimming Instructions
  • Focal Length Adjustment Instructions
  • Clean & Lube Instructions
  • Contax to Leica Conversion
These are all available to download in PDF format in the User Reports section of my website HERE.




  • Gabor says:

    Hi Jason and Brian,

    Thanks for the excellent material. Even though I currently don’t own Jupiter 3 lens, I think I can use the knowledge elsewhere. Also I am sure that I will get one of these lenses some day.

    Keep updating 🙂 Gabor

  • FRANK 'RED' BRUNER says:

    Thanks all for all your joint effort in compiling all this info on one my personal favorites. Red

  • It would be most helpful if you could tell me how and where I can contact Brian Sweeney – hopefully he lives in the UK – thankyou.

    • Dennis says:

      Hi John

      Did you ever find out how to contact Brian Sweeney? Trying the same thing and it looks like he is no longer active in the RFF Forum.

      Best regards

      • janrzm says:

        Hi Dennis, If you email me I will send you the last contact details I had for him.

        Cheers, Jason.